Classic ultralight sail and rowing boat plans for amateur builders...

.... and a few other projects of interest!


Steve Redmond Boat Plans:

   Sailboats, powerboats, fast rowing boats for the backyard builder. Classic appearance, superior performance, quick construction with innovative builder friendly ultralight plywood and strip planking methods.

            Elver 20' canoe yawl shown

Elver_sail_vsm.jpg (12051 bytes)

Building a Tesla Disk Turbine

   Casting and machining an unusual prime mover from the last century. It was built with only the homemade Gingery lathe and our own milling attachment. Blade patterns were even made from an orange crate.

Turbine_vsm.jpg (7823 bytes)

Building a Gingery Lathe

   Using wood patterns, sand, clay charcoal, and common hand tools, we construct a 7" by 12" metal working lathe with a taper of less than a thousandth over 12". Constructed with many accessories, including a rotary milling attachment, chucks and a steady rest.

Lathe1.jpg (18646 bytes)


Experimental Wood Chip Burning Furnace

   We build an experimental 175,000 Btu residential size furnace that efficiently burns green wood chips (up to 50% moisture content), produces smoke-free exhaust, and ties into a conventional baseboard  hot-water heating system. 

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